Developing Links is a registered National Disability Insurance Service (NDIS) plan management agency. We are the financial “link” between disability providers, the NDIS and participants.

Our services are available to participants and their families throughout Australia, our plan management fees are in line with NDIS pricing benchmarks and are built into your plan – our services will not cost you anything and do not take away funding from your support budgets.

We exist to make NDIS plan management as easy as possible for providers and participants.

Your options

We understand that receiving your first NDIS plan can be completely overwhelming, and that one of the most important decisions you will make is how to manage the financial aspects of your plan.

The NDIS offers three options for NDIS plan management:

  1. You can opt for the NDIS to manage your plan. However, this option means that you are locked in to only using registered providers and have little flexibility in the plan. Providers will claim directly from the NDIS.
  2. You can self-manage your NDIS plan. For those who have the time, this can work. However, it can be all- consuming, as providers will invoice you to pay directly, then you will need to claim that money back yourself from the NDIS portal.
  3. You can choose to work with a plan manager, like Developing Links. Plan managers can help you to:
    • Set up and pay invoices from therapists and other providers, and make claims from the NDIS on your behalf.
    • Create monthly statements so that you know what has been paid out of the plan, and what your plan balance is.
    • Advise when funding is getting low, or seek your permission when an unusual payment is pending.
    • Customise services to fit your needs, as circumstances often change and flexibility is essential.
    • Look after the invoicing and payments to providers, allowing you to focus on the other important aspects and goals of your NDIS plan.

How we work

Our Job is to help you manage your NDIS funds. Giving you the flexibility to maximise funding and use both registered and unregistered providers.

We process expense claims and develop monthly statements for participants; and make prompt payments to providers.

Our professional plan management services do not cost our participants anything, and our fees are paid in line with NDIS pricing benchmarks. Our services will not divert funds from your plan.

Our services include:

  • Organising the financial aspects of NDIS plans;
  • Assisting with the administrative aspects of NDIS plans;
  • Paying NDIS providers for services;
  • Providing monthly statements to show how your NDIS plan funding is being used.

Why choose us?

We understand that when you’re living with a disability the paperwork is endless, the physical and mental load is huge, and the administration is exhausting.

That’s why we exist – to make NDIS plan management as simple, easy and responsive as possible.

First and foremost, we are chartered accountants and financial service providers, which means you can trust us to manage your money with the upmost professionalism and care.

As an independent registered NDIS plan management agency, we give you the freedom and flexibility to use the provider of your choice, whether they are registered or unregistered.

We help you to maximize your funding to meet your own needs in your own way.

We take care of your finances, so you don’t have to.

The Developing Links difference

  • Independent: Plan management is all we do. We are not affiliated with any service providers which gives our clients the freedom and flexibility to use both registered and unregistered providers, allowing you to maximize your funding and meet your own needs your own way.
  • Professional: We are Chartered Accountants, first and foremost. Our professional and exacting approach means you can trust that when it comes to making the most of your money, we’ll get it right the first time.
  • Personal: We take managing your money personally. When you call us, you’ll speak to a human being. We have compassion for people living with a disability and exist to help you with managing your plan in the easiest and most responsive way possible.

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